Below this post you can post your reviews of the book. Please only post if you have read the entire book.


  1. There are two reviews on currently, and I hope more to come.

  2. Bro. God the same yesterday today and forever.
    read the start of Genesis, Christianity IS God came in the flesh to undo what Adam did.duhhhhh
    moreover 1cor 2: says natural mind cant get it, John said to end the argument that we CAN have such a relationship with God we wont have to take no MAN’s opinion: Copeland or YOU doc. but that God will speak a man.
    Next Paul said that though YOU lil fella may be saved yet as by fire, YOUR works “these writings” will be tried of what sort they are and you wont have nothing coming. Moreover preacher guy see what the WORD actually says about this attack of YOUR’S smarty.

    WANT TO PLEASE GOD lil fella.
    teach folks how to hear from GOD for themselves, then they want have to take Dollar”s word for it or, Copelands word OR YOUR’S

    • I can tell you are a real smart guy, which must be why you are a follower of Copeland. The Bible says if you have two coats you must give one to your brother who does not have one.

      The prosperity gospel says, “God has blessed me with two coats, why has he not blessed you with one? You need to give more money to your local church or a preacher on TV and God will give you a coat too.”

      But since you are not able to see and understand what this means, just keep following the pied piper of wealth.

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